Asian Wetlands Week 2005
- Report -

Asian Wetlands Week 2005 was held from February 2-8, 2005. During this week, many children all over the Asia visited and enjoyed wetlands, and thought what they could do for the wetlands through various events under the theme of gWetlands and Childrenh. The RCJ wishes to present the reparts of these events. Please enjoy!

Japan-Korea-China Jointly Event on Asian Wetlands Week in Dafeng
i24th-27th December 2004, Dafeng, Chinaj
Wetlands Exchange Workshop by Children among three lagoons(Chilika, Saroma and ThaleNoi)
(6th-7th February 2005, Chilika, India)
Experiencing Migration Game
i6th February 2005, Chiba, Japan)
Sakata Water Birds Watching
i4th February 2005, Niigata, Japanj
Bird watching at Wetland
i5th February 2005, Ishikawa, Japanj
Let's make birdy hats and watch birds !!
i5th February 2005, Tottori, Japanj