in Nakaumi & Shinji-ko

9-11 Feb. 2008
Shimane and Tottori

An event of KODOMO Ramsar in Nakaumi & Shinji-ko was held from February 9, Saturday to 11, Monday, 2008 at Nakaumi and Shinji-ko,Ramsar sites in Tottori and Shimane prefecture of Japan. This event is the first event that representatives of 33 Ramsar sites of all over Japan will gather and it is settled as intensive one of previous 6 blocks of KODOMO Ramsar.

100 children from 20 Ramsar sites including Kushiro-shitsugen, Tofutsu-ko, Sarobetsu-genya, Miyajima-numa, Izu-numa and Uchi-numa, Kabukuri-numa and the surrounding rice paddies, Sakata, Oze, Yatsu-higata, Fujimae-higata, Biwa-ko, Kushimoto Coral Communities, Akiyoshidai Groundwater System, Imuta-ike, Manko and Nagura Amparu, as well as hosting Nakaumi and Shinji-ko, and children from other sites such as Yanami-shicchi (Toyota city, Aichi prefecture), Marifu-gawa (Iwakuni city, Yamaguchi prefecture), Upo and Shiwa-ko in Korea participated. 

On the first day, representative children from each sites made presentation regarding the wetland and their activities (wetlands, living creatures, activities) with photos and illustrations and they knew about different various characteristics of wetlands and endemic living creatures. Therefore, it became a very important opportunity for children to hear about many activities in each sites and they were impressed on their actions and reviewed the value of wetland where their actions are taking.

Children enjoyed tasting local dishes using bless of Shinji-ko, such as clams' miso soup, grilled seabass.
Introduction of message flags with participants signs at previous "KODOMO Ramsar"

The second day: Field trip in two groups to Shinji-ko and Nakaumi.  Shinji-ko group observed along the lake by train and visited wetland center. Nakaumi group visited watered paddy field in Yasugi city by bus and observed Tundra Swan. They also visited Yonago Waterbirds Sanctuary and took a lecture about discontinued reclamation project and observed basin wild life.

In the afternoon, both groups went field tour of Ohashi River by boat.
Ohashi River is a wide river connecting Shinji-ko and Nakaumi and participants saw the fishing of corbicula clam.
After field tour and lecture regarding reed plantation of Shinji-ko, children challenged making my eco-bag with message and drawing.

At KODOMO conference after dinner, children separated in groups with around 10 members and discussed about message. They conducted actively with each message from members and made 8 messages. In the morning of the 3rd day, children stated to make one message with each opinion. They discussed enthusiastically based on each message from each group.

   "Mother of life, the wetlands, is our treasure
to hand over next generation "

*This message was passed to boss attended governors of Shimane and Tottori prefectures.

Thank you for all participants to KODOMO Ramsar in Nakaumi & Shinji-ko !!

Next KODOMO Ramsar will be held internationally
from August 20 to 24, 2008 in Niigata, Japan.

"KODOMO Ramsar" which has started from October 2006 was closed with more expected result than it was planned. The first big event of Japan with 400 children participants as representatives from 29 site in all Ramsar sites in Japan was successed. With this experience, Ramsar Center Japan will continue to organize "KODOMO Ramsar in Niigata" to be held in August 2008 in Niigagta city, co-organize Ramsar COP10 to be held in October 2008 in Chan Wong, Korea and take actions to help children accomplish the important role at an international convention.