in Yatsu-higata

June 7th8th, 2008

Yatsu-higata , in Chiba Prefecture

KODOMO Ramsar in Yatsu-higata was held in Narashino City, Chiba Prefecture, from the 7th to the 8th of June 2008. Children from Kushiro-shitsugen, Oze, Yanami-shicchi, Biwa-ko, Shinji-ko, and Manko joined the group of local children who lives near Yatsu-higata, adding up to a total of 34 participants.

On the first day, the children divided into six groups and observed life at Yatsu-higata. They then watched a musical themed on the wetland, listened to a lecture on the history of Yatsu-higata and the biodiversity of wetlands, and learned the relationships between people and wetlands.

On the second day, participants introduced their wetlands and made the "KODOMO Message". The discussion was done seriously, with breaks in the middle, where participants visited the different events at the wetland. Each participant gave keywords to be part of the message, and finally combined it into the message below.

"Yatsu-higata, web of life.
Even we children can discover its great warmth."

Thank you for all participants to KODOMO Ramsar in Yatsu-higata!!