Tohoku & Kanto

December 2nd-3rd, 2006
Niigata City, Niigata

KODOMO Ramsar activity in Tohoku and Kanto region was jointly held with Sakata°«s 10th anniversary memorial event, °»Sakata Ramsar Festival-connecting people and wetlands°…, at Sakata, Niigata City. 78 children, representing a variety of Ramsar sites such as Hotokenuma, Izu-numa and Uchi-numa, Kabukuri-numa, Sakata, Oze, Oku-Nikko-shitsugen, Yatsu-higata, Tofutsu-ko, and other wetland sites including Toyanogata and Fukushimagata, participated in the activity.

The first day was a field trip to Toyanogata and Fukushimagata, where children enjoyed°°watching waterfowls such as geese and swans. After the dinner, they played game and tryed to make friendship among the attendants.

Next day, soon after the children observed the swans in Sakata in the early morning, KODOMO Ramsar meeting began. 13 groups of children gave presentations concerning the wetlands they are familiar with, while other children were seriously taking notes and listening to the speakers. In the afternoon, they started to bring together the main points of the discussions into a KODOMO Message, which will be brought to the next gathering in Okinawa. The KODOMO Message for Tohoku and Kanto region was as follows.

°»Wetland is a source of life, our treasure. ~Let°«s take action for our future generations.°…

This message is a product of a long, active discussion conducted with children°«s enthusiasm toward wetlands.