Kyushu & Okinawa

January 27th-28th, 2007
Naha City, Okinawa

KODOMO Ramsar was held at Manko in Naha City ,Okinawa prefecture on January 27th and 28 th, 2007. It was jointly held with the World Wetland Day event, under the auspices of Manko Water bird and Wetland center management consultation.

40 children, including the KODOMO leader Shoichi Higuchi (from Nakaumi), Kenju Yamamoto (from Biwa-ko), and many other children from Ramsar sites in the Kyushu & Okinawa region such as Nagura-Anparu, Kerama-shoto Coral Reef, Manko, Yakusima Nagata-hama, Imuta-ike, Kuju Bogatsuru and Tadewara-shitsugen participated in the program.

The activity on the first day, children tryed cooking of the traditional sweet in Okinawa.

After that, 13 groups of children had presentation concerning wetlands and wetland conservation activities.

Children enjoyed local dishes and dance in Okinawa at night.

On the second day, the field program took place in Manko. Children observed the bird and the mangrove forests.

In the afternoon, they started to bring together the main points of the discussions into a KODOMO Message.

Finally, children came up with a KODOMO message. "Life is treasure. Wetland is treasure. ~to protect our treasure, that's our dream~"

Thank you so much for participating in the KODOMO Ramsar in Okinawa !!