in Biwa-ko

8-9 September, 2007/Biwa-ko, Shiga

KODOMO Ramsar in Biwa-ko was held at Biwa-ko ramsar site in Shiga prefecture on September 8th and 9th, 2007. 49 children, representing a variety of Ramsar sites such as Kushiro-shitsugen, Tofutsu-ko, Yatsu-higata, Fujimae-higata, Nakaumi, Nagura-Amparu, and living children near the Biwa-ko participated in the activity.

The first day was a field study parting three groups. One group visited the biotope area in school, other group visited wetlands arround the Biwa-ko. Children learned history, culture and nature of Biwa-ko. After the field study, children moved to Okishima in Biwa-ko by ship. Okishima is unique place in the world, the inhabited island inside a freshwater lake. About 380 people are living there. 

In the night, children was talking about the KODOMO message for tomorrow.
They formed the themselves in groups of five.
On the morning of 9th, children tour around okishima. On the way, governer of shiga prefecture visited them.  She talked about history and value of the Biwa-ko and the okishama.

In the afternoon, children made the KODOMO message reflecting yesterday opinion. By children's joint effort, they came up with the following KODOMO Message.

"Thank you for our mother Biwa-ko,
precious water bearing life
~take back drinking water everywhere of lake~

Thank you for the participants
to the KODOMO Ramsar in Biwa-ko !!