Wetland & Culture Exchange Program〜
Uganda, Kampala
8th-10th November, 2005
  "KODOMO Ramsar" was took place from 8th to 10th November, 2005 in Uganda, Africa in partnership with the Wetlands Inspection Division, Ministry of Water, Lands and Environment, Government of Uganda, an NGO, Nature Uganda, and other Ugandan NGOs.

  Seven children representing four Asian countries, namely Japan, Korea, India, Thailand were invited to Uganda. The Asian visitors actively interacted with more than 200 children from junior and senior high school of Kampala at the Rainbow International school on 8 November. Ugandan children danced and sang and read poem, and Asian children made a presentation about Ramsar site that is near their home.

  After comprehensive discussions, the visitors and their counterparts adopted the Children's Appeal for COP9, which revolved around appropriate information to help young people to take action for conservation of existing wetlands as well as restoration of some destroyed wetlands.

  Presented with an opportunity to participate in the Opening Ceremony for the on 8th November, the children's representatives delivered the Appeal to the deligations to enthusiastic acclaim.

Over 200 Ugandan children and 7 Asian children participated the program. Ugandan children performed traditional dance.
Ugandan student read poem about importance of the wetlands. Mr. Yuma Matsui from Tofutsu Lake, Japan.
Mr. Ho-Gyeum Joo from Nakdong River, Korea. Mr. Kenju Yamamoto from Biwa Lake, Japan.
Mr. Shoichi Higuchi from Nakaumi, Japan. Mr. Plaem Buaban from Tale Noi, Thailand.
Mr. Kaishu Takara from Manko, Japan. Ms. Sriya K. Pattnaik from Chilika Lake, India.
Children was separated 4 groups (information, tool, conservation, restoration) and discussed. Mr. Yuma Matsui from Japan presented the KODOMO Appeal.
Children's drawings from Asian countries. Some presses gave an interview to children.
Children watched many animals at the Wildlife education center. They enjoyed watching wild animals such as zebra, impala and buffalo at the Mubro National Park.