Asian Wetlands Week 2003


 "Asian Wetlands Week 2003" which is new awareness campain of Ramsar Center Japan was successfully held on 2-8 February, 2003. Various programs were held in many Asian countries. We introduce some programs to reports according we recieved.

19th Jan. <Japan/Korea/China Jointly Event on Asian Wetlands Week>-Chiba, Japan
Children from China, Korea and Japan gathered Yatsu-tideland(Ramsar Site) Narashino, Japan to exchange and communicate on wetlands conservation issues among three countries.
1-8th Feb. <Celebration of Asian Wetland Week, 2003>-Chilika, India
08th Feb. <Wetlands Wise Use Workshop>-Kanagawa,Japan
University students discussed with wetland conservation of Japan and Korea.
<Manko Churakagi>-Okinawa, Japan
The program was held at Manko-lake(Ramsar Site) in Okinawa to clean up the lake.