China-Japan-Korea Wetland School Program
in Zhalong, Qiqihaer

  "China-Japan-Korea, Wetland School Program: Wetland Awareness Campaign for Children and Teachers in Three Nations" was organized by Wetlands International-China in collaboration with Wetlands Korea and Ramsar Center Japan at Zhalong Nature Reserve, Heilongiang, China on 30th July - 3rd August. The Zhalong Wetland, Ramsar site, is a very large wetland which has an area of two hundred and twenty thousand hector. The site is a habitat of diverse kind of birds including Red-crowned Crane.
  Fourteen children participated in the Wetland Exchange Program from China, Korea, and Japan.−ten from China; Zhalong, nine from Korea; Pusan, Seoul, Ansan, and five from Japan; Shiga, Yamaguchi.

Children from three countries, China, Japan, and Korea give presentations on their local wetlands at the room of Zhalong Nature Reserve. Presentation by Mika Teraoka and Saki Yamamoto; The Village of Crane-Activities of Crane Conservation by Yashiro Elementary School (Japan, Yamaguchi).
Presentation by Lee Do Hwan; Today's Lake Shiwa (Korea, Ansan). Presentation by a student from Zhalong middle school. (China, Heilongiang).
Presentation by Mr. Daisuke Nakamura; Jointly Project on Environmental Education by School (Japan, Shiga). Presentation by Mr. Hideto Hujimura; The Village of Crane-The Circumstance of Cranes in Yashiro (Japan, Yamaguchi).

Students of Zhalong Middle School played musical instrument to welcome the participants. Participants received a very warm welcome from Zhalong Middle School.
Opening ceremony on establishment of Wetland Experimental School of Zhalong, Qiqihaer. Mr. Chen Kelin, Director of Wetlands International-China and Headmaster of Zhalong middle school.
Children participate in The Drawing Event based on "Wetlands and Cranes" at the exhibition booth. Children from three countries; China, Japan and Korea, are having a great time together through their works.
Exchanging their works as token of their friendship.                     At the end of the Drawing Event, every child participated in received an award.

Ceremony on Zhalong Nature Reserve to join "Shorebirds Network Site of East Asian-Australasian Flyway. Prof. Woo-Shin Lee gave his speech at the ceremony. He talked about the conservation of migratory birds and importance of international cooperation.
Early morning of Zhalong Nature Reserve, a cheer go up from participants when Red-crowned Cranes fly above them. Trying to come closer to a crane with gingerly steps.
At Zhalong Nature Reserve, children from Shiga (Japan) show how to monitor water quality of wetlands. Showing the result of examination of water quality.
At the party, participants enjoyed dancing and singing. Children from Yamaguchi, Japan performed their traditional crane dance. Korean participants sang local folksong together very warmly at the party.

See you next year in Lanzhou, Gansu !!